Modulus Technology

As a custom engineering supplier, Modulus Technology Ltd offers bespoke engineering services in a variety of forms across a wide spectrum of industries. Although closely associated with the offshore energy sector, Modulus Technology has successfully completed contracts in land survey, research, academic and defence related programs, as well as undertaking many projects within the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Able to call upon its specialised resources of acoustic and electronic engineering, programming and software design, mechanical engineering, CAD capability and full fabrication and production facilities, Modulus Technology works closely with its clients, managing and executing projects from concept to completion and beyond, through service and support contracts and planned maintenance programs.

Along with its sister companies Applied Acoustic Engineering and Ensign Subsea Systems, Modulus Technology is an independent and wholly owned subsidiary of the AAE Technologies Group with  experience and capability in design, production, service and support, all to international ISO standards.

Modulus Technology Ltd