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About aae technologies – the global company with humble beginnings

aae technologies has delivered innovative products, support and a personal approach, that only comes from being a family business, since 1989.

The aae technologies story

Like all entrepreneurs, our founder Adam saw an opportunity to impress customers with innovative products that weren’t being developed elsewhere.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Adam didn’t start the business from his kitchen or bedroom. Instead, he had to settle for a goat shed.

Don’t worry, no goats have been harmed in the making of our products – in fact, the only sign of goats in Adam’s first “office” were a couple of nibbled window sills.

Adam studied physics, maths and engineering at A-Level, but his interest in electronics sparked at the age of 13. He immersed himself in the plethora of electronics magazines that adorned newsagent shelves at the time, but have sadly since disappeared.

A talented engineer, Adam always had visions of creating his own products – and more than 35 years later, he heads up an award-winning group of companies whose products are used around the world.

applied acoustics specialises in the creation of subsea navigation, positioning and marine products. modulus technology works closely with applied acoustics, delivering specialist engineering support to customers around the globe. 

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