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Our sub-bottom profiling range

Built for all depths and challenges

applied acoustics manufactures a variety of sub-bottom profiling systems to accommodate different challenges such as coastal or deep waters, soft sediment or harder rock. The assured operation of our systems results in data quality of the highest calibre, underpinned by the expertise and experience of our dedicated geophysics team.

Each system uses reflection seismology to create a 2D picture of the geology beneath the seabed. This technology requires a controlled seismic source of energy (a CSP unit) connected by high voltage cable to a sound source (boomer or sparker) that transfers the energy through the water to penetrate the seabed. 

The energy reflected back from the solid seabed layers is received by hydrophones on the sea surface, recorded and processed by a data acquisition system aboard a vessel, so that a visual profile of the seabed can be created.

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