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Our philosophy

Behind our business is an ethos that puts customers and the environment first.

To help our partners unearth greater opportunities

At aae technologies, we are driven by the challenge of helping customers make groundbreaking discoveries. Whether it’s exploring further beneath the seabed or assessing the viability of an offshore wind farm, our products and bespoke engineering solutions are used in ways that genuinely transform the world for the better.

Our values define us, drive our behaviours and underpin the relationships we enjoy with customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Our core values

Innovation first

We thrive on engineering the best products and constantly seek opportunities for innovation.

Ferociously agile

We react quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Building trust

We value the strength of our customer relationships, which are built on mutual respect and a personal service.

Taking responsibility

We take ownership of the job in hand and keep things simple for customers.

Our commitment to conservation

Like many individuals, small organisations and multi-national corporations, we owe our living to the ocean. And as with all stakeholders in the marine environment, we have a responsibility to protect the oceans and the fragile ecosystems that exist beneath the surface, and a duty to defend the diverse array of wildlife that call this habitat home.

Whether it’s advising our clients on the safe use of our products, supporting conservation projects or contributing our expertise to regulatory panels, we do everything in our power to minimise human impact on marine wildlife and the wider environment. At aae technologies, we realise it’s our moral obligation to protect and preserve the oceans not just for our generation, but for the generations that follow.

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