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Ocean science & academia

At aae technologies, we provide industry-leading equipment and solutions to help universities and oceanographers understand seabed geology.

Helping customers explore the ocean’s depths

More than 80% of the ocean has yet to be explored and studied – the surfaces of the Moon and Mars have been mapped more than the earth’s oceans. While researchers and oceanographers around the world have made great progress, ocean research is still very challenging, albeit more important than ever. 

Studying and researching the deeper waters in our oceans can help us understand seismic activity beneath the seabed, as well as the impact we are making to our environment. Through these studies, we are able to manage ocean resources and pass our findings on to future generations.

At aae technologies, we have worked closely with universities and research bodies worldwide for many years, providing industry-leading equipment and solutions to help understand seabed geology and provide accurate positioning data. 

We also manufacture a wide variety of equipment that can be configured to suit particular applications, whether it’s marine archaeology, retrieving sea temperature and salinity monitoring equipment, or tracking exploratory AUVs and ROVs.

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