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At aae technologies, our tracking and positioning products support the efficient operation of fish farms and the aquaculture industry worldwide.

A rapidly growing industry

The aquaculture industry continues to grow rapidly in line with consumer demand for sustainably-grown food. This has naturally led to regulations being introduced on nutritional security, pollution levels and the impact on the environment. Losses to disease accounts for approximately 40% of aquaculture volume, making the regular inspection and maintenance of fish farms vitally important. 

At aae technologies we manufacture a range of USBL positioning systems, enabling you to track and position your divers and ROVs and log any points of interest which may require revisiting for closer inspection or repairs. 

Our systems range from lightweight, portable systems which can quickly be deployed from any size vessel or pontoon, all the way through to highly-accurate, long-range systems with added functionality such as MiQ data telemetry, enabling you to transfer third-party data from other subsea assets. 

All of our systems are designed to be intuitive and straightforward to operate, allowing you to track your underwater assets with confidence and get on with the task in hand.


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