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Port & harbour surveys

Many of our products are used for hydrographic and geophysical surveys, which are vital for the safe passage and navigation of vessels through the world’s ports and harbours.

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Regular surveying of ports and harbours is essential to ensure maritime operations can be carried out safely. Ports around the world are often exposed to the build-up of silt and clay on the seabed, brought in by the oceans’ tides. Without action, this build-up can decrease the water depth, causing navigational safety issues for larger, deep-hulled vessels arriving at or departing a port. Inspection of harbour walls, quayside structures and pontoons is also required to ensure integrity.

At aae technologies, we design and manufacture a variety of equipment to assist you with profiling beneath the seabed which, along with geotechnical investigations, will enable you to determine the geology within a port. Also specialising in acoustic positioning equipment, we are able to help you track and position your subsea assets, such as sidescan sonars, ROVs and divers when carrying out inspection work.

Using one of our sophisticated USBL systems and a suitable positioning beacon for your specific application, you’ll enjoy accurate surveys and optimum results.

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