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We understand the unique challenges faced by naval forces and other military organisations, both in the UK and further afield.

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Naval forces and defence contractors worldwide have been using applied acoustics’ commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) acoustic tracking systems for many years. Working closely with military organisations, we have built an in-depth understanding of the operational and manufacturing standards required.

Missions vary widely, utilising a vast array of assets beneath and above the water’s surface, but in essence the requirement remains the same – stable, precise and rapid positioning under mission-critical conditions where confidence in the equipment is vital.

Our systems are suitable for shallow water, short-range tracking for a team of military divers, as well as high-accuracy, long-range tracking to monitor and guide autonomous vehicles to their target. They are widely used for inspection purposes, intelligence gathering, and mine detection and disposal in mine counter measures (MCM) operations.

If an off-the-shelf system isn’t suitable, we have systems that have undergone rigorous durability, ruggedness and reliability testing under extreme environmental conditions covered by the MIL standards, and are approved for military use. These systems can also be supplied as OEM solutions for simple integration into client systems.

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