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Homemodulus technologyTesting and calibration

Testing and calibration

As well as carrying out test and calibration procedures for applied acoustics, modulus technology has the facilities to offer these services to the wider industry, either as part of a larger project or as a standalone service.

First-class testing facilities

We have the following test facilities available at our UK headquarters:

  • Freshwater test tanks
  • Saltwater test tanks
  • Acoustic pulse test and calibration centre
  • Full ocean depth hydrostatic pressure test chamber
  • Low temperature test chamber

All testing and calibrations are carried out and certified by our in-house mechanical and acoustic engineers. Through our network of strategic partners, we can also provide EMC testing, environmental testing including high temperature, high humidity and shock and vibration, mechanical load testing and certification.



Acoustic pulse test and calibration centre


Our acoustic test and calibration centre is purpose-built and features acoustically-baffled test tanks, providing accurate measurements through calibrated hydrophones and software designed by our in-house team.



Hydrostatic pressure test chamber


Our hydrostatic pressure test chamber is capable of simulating the huge force that equipment has to withstand when operating in a subsea environment. The chamber has interconnectivity to externally monitor internal equipment and sensors under pressure, with external data recording also available. An overhead hoist allows for loads of up to 500kg to be lowered into the chamber.

Dimensions: 400mm internal diameter 700mm internal length 

Temperature: ambient 

Operating medium: fresh water 

Pressure rating: 6000m ocean depth 

  • 587 bar = 8500 psi (freshwater)
  • 602 bar = 8736 psi (saltwater)

In-depth product testing

As the support arm to applied acoustics, we rigorously test all applied acoustics component parts, such as connectors, electronic housings and transducers, to the required pressure.

This service is also available for customer-owned equipment and components.

Looking for technical support?

To enquire about product testing, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1493 416452 or fill out your details below.

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