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Easytrak's Venture into The Gulf of Guinea

Easytrak System
12th September, 2011 | 2 minute read
By Hollie Moran, Sales and Marketing Manager

With sales and marketing experience across the offshore and maritime industries, Hollie is a natural fit for the role of sales and marketing manager at aae technologies, which she started in 2019.

Watergate Technical Services based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, purchased two Applied Acoustics’ Easytrak USBL tracking systems in 2010 and they quickly became a key, successful operational tool. The company’s offshore operations cover the full range of subsea services such as pre-installation pipe route surveys, SEWOP positioning, site hazard surveys, subsea riser and mattress installations.

Watergate Survey Manager, Ugo Nwangwu, maintains the Easytrak System with its 900 Series Beacons fits perfectly in their deep water survey operations in the Nigerian Gulf of Guniea and Bight of Bonny.

Prior to the purchase of the tracking system diver positioning and tracking had been challenging during subsea riser and mattress installations during pipelaying projects. However, once Easytrak was deployed, interfaced with GPS and gyro compass, precise positioning and heading determination of the diver and mattress installation frame became much easier. During a recent operation mattress laying operation off Warri in the Gulf of Guinea, accuracy of less than one metre was achieved, even when working in a near shallow environment.

The ability to interface the unit with a navigation computer also makes the operation free of ambiguity as the positioning information can be displayed at strategic offices as well as at the dive shack. This visible confirmation of operations underwater provides the client with all the necessary confidence in the accuracy and efficiency of the Watergate operation.

“Our Easytrak tracking system has made our positioning operational work very easy,” said Mr Nwangwu, “raised our operational standards and delighted our customers.”

Easytrak System

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