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Estonian Navy Buys Easytrak

1st June, 2007 | 1 minute read
By Hollie Moran, Sales and Marketing Manager

With sales and marketing experience across the offshore and maritime industries, Hollie is a natural fit for the role of sales and marketing manager at aae technologies, which she started in 2019.

Following on from their success supplying Easytrak underwater tracking systems to both the UK Royal Navy and Royal Danish Navy, Applied Acoustics announce a similar order for two Easytrak systems for the Estonian Navy, to be used in their mine counter measure operations.

The militarised version of the Easytrak Lite will be used by the Estonians with Ultra Electronics’ Seafox mine disposal system, an expendable remotely operated underwater vehicle containing an explosive warhead designed to neutralise the mine. Easytrak, along with the vehicle’s own on board sonar, will guide Seafox to the target.

Easytrak is an Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) tracking system that uses a multi-element single transducer to send and receive acoustic signals to and from multiple underwater targets from which range, bearing and depth information can be determined. Available as both a specialist militarised product or a commercial off the shelf system, Easytrak is acclaimed for accuracy and stability during a multitude of subsea tracking tasks in which divers, ROV’s or AUV’s are involved

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