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Supporting customers through the Covid-19 pandemic

9th May, 2021 | 4 minute read
By Ben Darling, Product Line Manager (Acoustic Positioning) and Support Engineer

Ben joined applied acoustics at the age of 16, working during his college holidays. At 18 he joined the production team full time, where he built and tested acoustic positioning products whilst studying for his Electronics HND. After three years he moved into repairs, working across the product range while studying for his second HND in Business Management.

At modulus technology, our technical experts are available to support customers globally 365 days of the year. As well as providing technical support via phone and email, the team can mobilise quickly to support customers in the field and provide tailored solutions for interfacing, testing and calibration of equipment.

Despite the challenges brought about by Covid-19, we have continued to offer onsite assistance to customers, where safe to do so.

A successful Nexus 2 USBL integration

The team recently performed a successful onsite integration of an applied acoustics Nexus 2 USBL system into a cable lay vessel’s legacy dynamic positioning (DP) system, as part of a large-scale wind farm project.

The integration involved the development of bespoke data telegrams, using dual multicast to provide subsea positioning information to the DP2 vessel. The integration and development work was validated with a successful positioning system calibration and DP FMEA vessel trials.

The tilted head Nexus 2 system was selected to provide precise positioning during ROV and cable lay operations, primarily to support the construction of the wind farm.

Nexus integration

Once installed, our engineer provided operational and best practice training to the onboard survey and navigation team. The training was socially distanced with masks worn at all times, in line with the vessel’s strict Covid rules, which also included regular testing.

Further support for customers

This is just one example of several tailored solutions that we have delivered for customers over the past year.

The modulus team has also worked closely with commercial and military customers to modify standard products for different applications, from secure coded data telemetry to fitting additional circuitry in deck units to ensure reliable operation in arctic sub-zero conditions.

Where onsite support and training hasn’t been possible, we have offered remote support, diagnostics and calibration assistance. Training during a pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges, but the team has risen to them, swiftly adapting to platforms such as Teamviewer and Microsoft Teams to deliver interactive training via video or traditional PowerPoint presentations.

The ability to connect remotely also enables end-users to receive personalised training on our systems from the very people who developed them. With opportunities for live Q&A and to discuss individual applications, this ensures users can maximise the performance of our equipment.

Developing application-based solutions

While the pandemic has restricted face-to-face meetings, we have continued to work closely with end-users to provide solutions for their specific applications.

BPK-2418 Subsea Power Pack

For example, the applied acoustics BPK-2418 Subsea Power Pack was designed by modulus technology during the pandemic as a special engineering solution to provide extended life and power conditioning to transponder beacons. In the event of the loss of an underwater vehicle, the BPK-2418 provides extended endurance to allow positioning and recovery of the lost asset.

Other recent innovations within our Subsea Power Pack range include the ability to fit lithium battery cells to the BPK-101G Subsea Power Pack for improved operational life .

Subsea Pressure Housing Design

When one of our OEM clients needed to increase their housing pressure rating to 650bar, the engineering team revised and modelled the design of the transducer and housing. Upon assembly, the design was successfully tested in our hyperbaric pressure chamber prior to delivery.

How can we support your project?

We are looking forward to visiting our customers around the world to provide onsite support, once it is safe to do. In the meantime, if you require remote assistance or custom-designed equipment for a specific project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

With access to a wide supply chain network, over 70 years of combined design experience and in-house test chambers and tanks, we can assist customers in everything from auxiliary items to support projects.

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