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Two Nexus 2 systems available to rent

3rd May, 2017 | 2 minute read
By Gavin Willoughby, Business Development Manager

With a long career in technical sales, marketing and management, Gavin joined applied acoustics as sales manager in 2004. Committed to delivering the best possible customer service, he has overseen the company’s international growth alongside Adam, culminating in two Queen’s Awards for exporting achievement.

Having chosen this year’s Ocean Business conference to place an order for its first Nexus 2 USBL system, Subsea Technology and Rentals Ltd (STR) has subsequently presented Applied Acoustics with a second order, doubling its requirement for these high end tracking systems.

Nexus 2 is the second generation 2- way digital system designed and produced by the award winning UK headquartered company, which takes the performance and features of the industry approved Nexus USBL system to a new level, and opens the door to additional markets and new applications.  Developed with an emphasis on providing optimum performance over an extended operational range, the Nexus 2 creates a reliable and secure acoustic link with an extremely low susceptibility to interference.

“We’re thrilled that STR has opted to add two of our new Nexus 2 systems to its equipment pool,” said AAE’s Sales Manager, Gavin Willoughby, “so having these available to the worldwide rental market through STR is a great endorsement of the product and an important facet of our company strategy.”

STR was similarly pleased to offer its clients access to the Nexus 2 system that provides 16 target tracking as well as a new comprehensive range of software features and survey tools such as the common interrogate frequency (CIF), greatly enhanced accuracy and geo-referenced graphical overlay.

Scott Johnstone, Managing Director at STR commented, “As providers of specialist marine equipment and supporters of Applied Acoustics’ products we had no hesitation in purchasing two Nexus 2 systems to support our customers’ operations worldwide. STR are keen to develop alliances with well-established manufacturers and these latest acquisitions will be a welcome addition to our growing inventory of high quality subsea equipment.”

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