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Key Features

  • Compact USBL system
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple to use
  • Cost-effective


  • Underwater survey and inspection
  • Cable and pipeline route surveys
  • Nearshore construction and salvage
  • Marine archaeology

Technical Specification

Easytrak Alpha Console, Model 2665

Console: 255 x 60 x 315mm, excluding cables
Console: 2.6kg approx
Power Supply
Input: 115Vac – 230Vac 47-63Hz typically 2A
Console Input: 12-18Vdc up to 2A depending on input dc voltage
2 x RS-232 (1) External GNSS + Heading and (2) Data Out
1 x GNSS Antenna Connector
All RS232C inputs comply with EIA (Electronics Industry Association)
RS232C standard
1 x USB connection to external PC
Internal GNSS Receiver
SiRF Star lll Chipset Receiver
<10m, 2D RMS <5m 2DRMS, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS…) corrected
External GNSS/Heading
GNSS NMEA messages: GGA and RMC
Heading NMEA messages: HDT, HDG, HDM
Data Output
Sonar SSS – $GPGGA (Vessel position),
$GPVTG (Vessel track and speed)
$GPTLL (Target position)
Data logging to HD
Beacon Types
Transponders and Responder (1)
4 displayed from 35 pre-defined
Interrogation Interval
1, 2, 4 or 8 second intervals
Responder Output
Positive 12V pulse 5ms long. BNC connector
Operating Temperature
-5 to 30°C
Storage Temperature
-5 to 45°C

Transducer, Type ETM 904C

ETM 904C
Transducer: 291mm long x 78.5mm diameter
Transducer: 3.94kg in air, 3.0kg in water approx
Depth rating
Transducer Housing Material
A4 stainless steel
Operating Temperature
-5 to 30°C
Storage Temperature
-5 to 45°C
Deck Cable
12.5mm diameter, yellow polyurethane sheathed. Standard length 20m

Accuracy / Performance

Slant Range Resolution
Position Accuracy*
2.0° RMS, 3.0% of slant range. Excluding effects due to GPS error, incorrect VOS, ray bending, compass, pitch and roll effects, and acceptable S/N ratio
MF frequency band
Transducer beam pattern
Interrogate SPL
Typically 186 re. 1µPa@1m
Heading Sensor Accuracy
<0.5° RMS
Tilt Sensor Accuracy
Accuracy ± <1.0° RMS
Range ± 80°
*Optional higher accuracy calibration

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