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Hydrographic Institute of Croatia

  • Hydrographic Institute of Croatia
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The Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia (HHI) conducts various hydrographic and oceanographic surveys for projects in various industries including ocean science, oil & gas, as well as submarine cable and wastewater route surveys for utilities firms.

Enhancing the accuracy of marine surveys

HHI also provides national surveys for use in nautical charts and other publications, while providing additional services to SMEs including fish farms and ACI Marinas, the leading marina operator in the Mediterranean. As a government company, HHI is also in charge of marine security and environmental protection for Croatia’s territorial waters.

HHI approached aae technologies as it was looking to improve the quality and accuracy of its surveys, allowing it to provide an even better service to its clients.

Greater reliability and flexibility

Our Dura-Spark 240 and accompanying CSP-Nv energy source have enhanced the performance and reliability of HHI’s geophysical surveys, especially the 24-hour surveys it regularly conducts for the offshore oil & gas sector. There are no interruptions to the electricity supply, which is a priority when recording kilometres of survey routes.

Our sub-bottom profiling solutions have also made HHI more competitive, while giving it the necessary flexibility to tackle dynamic working conditions. With more technological choice at its disposal, HHI is now able to plan its projects with more certainty.  

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