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T.T. Surveys operates and supplies seismic equipment for use in site surveys. The company has recently seen major developments in offshore engineering and wind surveys, which require ultra high-resolution (UHR) seismic data sets.

Specialist equipment for offshore surveys

Our Dura-Spark UHD 400 was the perfect fit for T.T. Surveys’ multichannel hydrophone arrays, providing the ultra high-resolution multi-tip sparker arrays and RTK positioning it needed to acquire the required data sets.

T.T. Surveys also specialises in 3D acquisition systems. By coupling the 101G MiniPods Submersible GNSS with its multichannel UHR streamer systems, the company has positioned itself as an industry leader in 2D and 3D UHR marine surveys.

Feeling the benefit of our expertise

With the addition of sparker systems and enhanced positional systems, T.T. Surveys can offer clients unparalleled source and streamer arrays tailored to any requirement, from UHD engineering surveys to site investigations and exploration projects 

Being able to map the seabed substrata to a vertical resolution of less than 30cm allows engineering teams to make more informed decisions on structural aspects of installations, enabling safer installation and delivering cost efficiencies.

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