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Applied Acoustics' New Deep Tow Sparker

9th April, 2015 | 1 minute read
By Gavin Willoughby, Business Development Manager

With a long career in technical sales, marketing and management, Gavin joined applied acoustics as sales manager in 2004. Committed to delivering the best possible customer service, he has overseen the company’s international growth alongside Adam, culminating in two Queen’s Awards for exporting achievement.

Applied Acoustics will be unveiling its latest new deep tow sparker, the DTS-500, at Ocean Business. The product extends the company’s range of sparker sub-bottom profiling systems and will significantly increase data resolution, up to 15cm, in waters up to 500m in depth.

Designed for High and Ultra High resolution geophysical surveys, the DTS-500 operates with a single industry standard coaxial tow cable up to 2000m in length, has long-life durable electrodes and integral hydrophone receiver. Consisting of a rack-mount surface console, cable and robust tow fish, the system easily interfaces with standard data loggers, and benefits from all the full operational safety interlocks expected from a company that has been at the forefront of this technology over 25 years.

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