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Hyperbaric Pressure Test Tank for Hire

15th July, 2009 | 1 minute read
By Hollie Moran

Applied Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of undersea positioning, tracking and sub-bottom profiling equipment, has a new 6000m rated pressure testing facility. Newly constructed in 2009, this facility is now available for hire at the Great Yarmouth factory.

The chamber has a maximum operating pressure of 690 bar and has an internal diameter of 340mm with a useable length of 1500mm. This allows for most transducer assemblies and towfish designs to be catered for. Assemblies of up to 500kg can be handled by the overhead hoist.

The Pressure Test Tank is sunk into the ground to ease the handling of the Devices Under Test (DUT) and is positioned close to roller-shutter doors for access. The Pressure Test Tank also has the facility to offer penetrator openings through the top end cap.

Hire rates are based on half, full-day or longer periods as required.

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