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New 12-Element Streamer Hydrophones

10th July, 2008 | 1 minute read
By Hollie Moran, Sales and Marketing Manager

With sales and marketing experience across the offshore and maritime industries, Hollie is a natural fit for the role of sales and marketing manager at aae technologies, which she started in 2019.

Applied Acoustics have added a further streamer hydrophone to their range of sub-bottom profiling products. Up to now the company has offered standard streamer hydrophones with 1-8 or 20 element designs but from July it is introducing a 12 element hydrophone spacing, with the array calculated to offer the optimum resolution and penetration for either sparker or boomer applications.

The length of the hydrophone streamers, as with the other variants, remains at 4.5m with a robust 50m tow leader as standard, but the elements are spaced at 250mm. Extensive trials proved this was an ideal specification to bridge the gap between earlier models.

Applied Acoustics supply complete seismic sub-bottom profiling systems including the Seismic Energy Source, the Seismic Sound Source (boomer or sparker) as well as streamer hydrophones so can provide the best package of components tailored to each application. Several hundreds of these systems are in use worldwide by marine survey companies, government departments and academic institutions.

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