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New Acoustic 10t Release Frame

7th January, 2016 | 1 minute read
By Gavin Willoughby, Business Development Manager

With a long career in technical sales, marketing and management, Gavin joined applied acoustics as sales manager in 2004. Committed to delivering the best possible customer service, he has overseen the company’s international growth alongside Adam, culminating in two Queen’s Awards for exporting achievement.

The new 10t Release Frame offers a method of wirelessly separating an underwater load from its crane. By using acoustics, rather than divers or ROVs with cutting equipment, this method has the potential to both reduce risk and save time.

The Release Frame consists of a heavy duty strong back and lever system that amplifies the load capability of an Applied Acoustics’ 529P Release beacon, and a standard AAE surface control unit, typically a 3510 PAM Portable. Once the load is in position a remote acoustic signal received from the surface unit triggers the hinged hook to open releasing the load, allowing the frame unit itself to be recovered in its entirety for re-use.

Useful for bight release applications in the cable laying and repair industry, this acoustic release frame is also suited for coastal construction operations on wind farm sites, lowering work baskets or other subsea structures, separating lift bags from their loads or as method of marking subsea infrastructures that are at risk of damage from surface activity.

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