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Ocean Scan Chile trained on Dura-Spark 400

Sub-bottom profiling
24th March, 2023 | 2 minute read
By Mike Calvert, Geophysical Product Manager

Michael joined applied acoustics in July 2020 as a geophysical product manager. He works closely with our product engineers developing, testing and trialling our latest geophysical products.

High-specification sparker systems for Sub-Bottom Profiling are fast becoming the go-to for advanced geophysical marine projects. But as technology progresses, additional training can be useful to ensure that our clients get the most from their investments. When our partners at Ocean Scan Chile required on-site training and testing, we were pleased to deploy our Geophysical Product Manager, Mike Calvert. 

As you can see, Mike and the team had a very hands-on session, setting up the equipment and heading out to run survey lines and gather data.

Why the Dura-Spark UHD 400 for Ocean Scan Chile?

The Dura- Spark and CSP energy source will accompany Ocean Scan Chile in a series of advanced marine geophysics study projects that the company has been awarded. One such project is the geotechnical drilling studies and marine geophysics required to the stratigraphic characterisation of the seabed that will make it possible to define the design and engineering criteria for the breakwater extension project of the Antofagasta Port, Chile.

About the project

The system consists of a high power sound source – the Dura-Spark UHD 240/400 and CSP-Nv seismic energy source. Together this creates a sub-bottom profiling system that will enable Ocean Scan Chile to carry out ultra-high resolution geophysical surveys, particularly in the field of oil & gas and renewables. 

The Ocean Scan team preparing to deploy the Dura-Spark

Benefits of the Dura-Spark UHD 400

The Dura-Spark UHD 400 provides a lightweight, stable and repeatable sound source for sub-bottom geophysical surveys. The long-life, durable electrodes produce a consistent pulse signature and keep operational maintenance to a minimum. This provides increased survey efficiency and equipment reliability as the sparker tips rarely need replacement.

Mike demonstrates the set-up of the CSP-Nv seismic energy source

Ocean Scan Chile said…

“The arrival of this new system further modernises our company, adding state-of-the-art technology for the development of advanced studies of marine geophysics. The training session was very well received and we now feel fully competent in using the system.”

Geophysical Product Manager, Mike Calvert with the Ocean Scan Chile team

An extra layer of support when you need it

From operation and fault finding to servicing and maintenance: our specialists can deliver training remotely, at our UK HQ, or at your site or vessel. For more information about any of the products mentioned above, or to enquire about training, please contact the aae team.

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