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Rental Companies Choose Nexus

6th July, 2010 | 1 minute read
By Hollie Moran

The latest Applied Acoustics rack-mount USBL tracking system is now available from a number of rental agencies covering the globe. The system, the Easytrak Nexus, now incorporates Spread Spectrum Technology for increased operational efficiency and like all Easytrak systems, it combines its high accuracy performance with versatility and ease of operation.

“Nexus has proved its worth in a number of comparative trials so we’re pleased that rental outlets have added the tracking system to their inventories, recognising it has the sort of operational performance their customers require,” commented Sales Manager, Gavin Willoughby.

The rental units are available for the UK and Europe/Africa region from Sonar Equipment Services in Great Yarmouth, ROMOR Atlantic in Canada for Americas, and Sea & Land Technologies and Hydronav in Singapore for the Far East/Australia region.

Eastrak Nexus

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