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  • aae customer since 1995
Fugro is the world’s leading geo-data specialist and has 9,500 employees worldwide. Through collecting and analysing comprehensive data about the Earth and structures built upon it, Fugro is committed to supporting the energy transition to sustainability in a safe and efficient manner.

A long-term partnership

We are fortunate to have worked with Fugro for over 20 years now, supporting its marine site characterisation business line with our range of advanced sub-bottom profiling solutions.

The company is committed to continuous improvement, always looking to push the resolution boundaries of its datasets and, in turn, delivering higher-quality results for clients.

Specialist solutions for offshore wind projects

Fugro is the leader in providing geo-data to support the offshore wind industry, which demands both penetration and resolution from profiling systems. Conventionally, one is acquired at the expense of the other.

The applied acoustics sparker source and power supply components allowed Fugro to design a seismic source capable of not only meeting but surpassing industry specifications. This combination contributes to Fugro producing industry-leading seismic datasets with resolution of < 20cm.

The advances in resolution allow the seismic data to be correlated with soil properties, all of which helps Fugro to provide a complete integrated service to the offshore wind industry spanning the life cycle of a project, including feasibility studies and site investigation, design and engineering, and marine construction and operational support.


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